Our Mission


In Medigroup we have challenging, inspiring mission that incites us to excel with attitude


In Medigroup, our mission is to sell, manufacture and design physiotherapy equipment in high technology and optimum prices. Each technology will fill a current need in physical therapy procedures by improving upon an existing technology or device, or by designing a device to serve a need that is clearly defined and acknowledged by medical professionals. Each product shall be manufactured and priced to appeal to a managed-care market that combines lowest cost with optimum quality.


In Medigroup, our mission is to motivate the exchange of experience between different skilled specialized physiotherapist around the world, which in turn leads to benefits not for only for each individual company, but also for customers [and hence mutual benefits for physiotherapists and patients]


In Medigroup, our mission is to assist companies, create value through business plan consulting, strategic business development to physiotherapy institutions in their early stages.


In Medigroup, our mission is to provide vital and indispensable customer service to ensure superb level of assistance and maintain a life time customers.