We build our partnership relations with a long term cooperation vision.

We are constantly seeking reliable partners for our global partnership network as we offer remarkable market advantage over competition:  significant dynamic experience of our market needs with outstanding products service, customer support, flexibility and competitive prices.


In 1999 Medigroup inaugurated with the first partner from Czech Republic “BTL”.

Now, we are proud of our partnership with eight global physiotherapy instruments manufacturers’ leaders, bringing together superb skill and know-how from Italy, France, Germany, Czech, England, Netherlands.

Our Current business Partners are:

BTL, EWAC, MBS, Embitron and  Micromed



  1. BTL  
    Republic of


BTL has an extensive history of design and manufacture of innovative medical technologies, particularly in rehabilitation and cardiology care. BLT products are currently used in healthcare facilities in over fifty countries on five continents.


At the beginning of cooperation between Medigroup and BTL, BTL brand was positioned in the market as high cost, new products. Medigroup accurate sales plan resulted in positioning BTL products as unique, different leader rather than expensive, cost leader product. One of the tactics of the sales strategy was reviving Czech Republic reputation as number one expert with natural resources in physiotherapy treatments worldwide.



  1. EWAC  


EWAC Medical has been the world's market leader for high quality Hydrotherapy products for hospitals and medical care centers around the world since the nineties. EWAC Medical is a manufacturer as well as supplier, and acts as a project manager for the complete furnishing of Hydrotherapy departments. In modern rehabilitation; Hydrotherapy has proven its medical value over and over again. Through Hydrotherapy in many cases; it is possible to start rehabilitation immediately after surgery or incident. Patient rehabilitation can be shortened by up to 40% using Hydrotherapy compared with the usual methods of rehabilitation. EWAC has been awarded ISO 9001:2000 and EN 46003 certificates.


As a valuable partner to Medigroup, It was essential to resolve the market perception for EWAC as seller of expensive unaffordable product. Medigroup planned for high level of coordination with EWAC, after which Physiotherapist conclusively managed to benefit from hydrotherapy equipments and utilized it for far better treatment of patients. With this EWAC broke through our local market.



     3. Embitron
         Czech Republic


Embitron are mainly specialized in Distance Electrotherapy. They present unique products which add distinguished value for the physiotherapy.

Our partnership with Embitron is based on providing them with regional coverage.


     4. MBS



Mbs is specialized in the magneto therapy and the Magneto therapy combined with the laser therapy. There products are highly efficient and got a high performance in the treatment.

MBS is one of our former partners, their main cooperation with medigroup through their Research and Development department.